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NINETNINE — Fly with you
Release date : Mar. 26, 2010
Label : Vienna2Day
  1. Fly with you
  2. Lovesong
  3. Radiosong
  4. Slip away
  5. What if



all songs written and arranged by Freesay, lyrics by Freesay and David
Performer by NINETNINE

recorded by Freesay at Pacific Lounge / Höchst / AUSTRIA
drums recorded by Didi Konzett at BPM / Rottenburg a.d.Laaber, GERMANY

additional musicans:
Tommy Schobel – acoustic guitars, keyboards,percussions
Boris Wörister – acoustic guitars
Dino “Dallabino” Hermann – Organ, organ Solo on “Radiosong”
Martin Tillman – electric Cello solo on “What if”
Charles Chemery backgroundvocals on “Fly with you”

additional arrangements by Thomas Schobel and Lus Bonnet
mixed at GROUND EURO / Los Angeles / CALIFORNIA by Thomas Schobel and Luc Bonnet
mastered by Gabe Moffat

art direction, package design
and photographs by Isabelle Keckeis