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NINETNINE — Feed your appetite
Release date : Oct. 14, 2004
Label : Listening lounge music
  1. I want you now
  2. Screwed up
  3. Anyway
  4. Change
  5. Shake
  6. I go my way
  7. Vivianne
  8. Just let me know
  9. I´ll try
  10. Right now



all vocals and guitars recorded by Freesay at Freesay´s BASEMENT / Fussach / AUSTRITT
all drums and bass recorded by Didi Konzett at BPM Studio / Sigmarszell / GERMANY
mixed by Thomas Schobel at GROUND EURO / Los Angeles / CALIFORNIA
mastered by Markus Fend at MAEXX Studio / Hohenems / AUSTRIA

all songs written by Freesay
except “Just let me know”,”Right now” music by Freesay and Ray, lyrics by David
“Anyway” music by Freesay, lyrics by David, “Screwed up” music by Freesay, lyrics by Freesay and David,
“I want you now” music by Freesay, lyrics by Freesay and Ray

produced and performed by NINETNINE
“Anyway” and “Vivianne” Co-Produced by Thomas Schobel

all songs published by Listening Lounge Music

art direction, package design
and Photo editing by Freesay